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Why Enstrom Helicopters?

We fly Enstrom helicopters exclusively for many reasons, first and foremost being their legendary safety record. Using NTSB data from 1996-2010 Enstrom helicopters are the safest helicopters when scored for fewest fatal accidents.


Enstrom Helicopters feature a high-inertia rotor system. In the event of a power failure, helicopters enter an autorotation. During an autorotation the helicopter converts the stored energy in the spinning rotor blades into lift to cushion the power-off landing. More inertia translates into more lift, which makes for a much higher margin of safety and survivability. Simply put, Enstroms are a far safer helicopter in the event of a power failure.

The landing gear on the Enstrom helicopter is one of the more sturdy, and energy absorbing designs in production today. This also leads to increased passenger safety and survivability.

Enstrom helicopters have a 3-bladed fully articulated rotor system. This practically eliminates the possibility of mast bumping. Mast bumping can cause the rotor system to separate from the helicopter. This is a potentially hazardous condition far more pronounced in 2-bladed rotor systems. This proven main rotor design has flown over 4,000,000 flight hours without a catastrophic failure.

The Enstrom F-28A, our primary training helicopter, has a manual throttle control. We believe that students who learn how to fly a helicopter with a manually operated throttle have a far greater understanding of the power needs, and limitations of the helicopter. Once you know and understand how to operate a manual throttle, flying a helicopter with a correlated or governed throttle is a very simple transition.

Enstrom Helicopters feature a large, highly effective tail rotor. This greatly reduces the likelihood of a hazardous condition known as LTE (Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness). LTE causes the pilot to lose directional control of the aircraft at low airspeeds. Enstrom tail rotors remain effective even in 20 MPH plus crosswinds. This increased margin of tail rotor effectiveness means a far safer and more responsive helicopter even in windy conditions.

Enstrom helicopters have one of the most spacious cabins of any small piston helicopter. The cabin is capable of seating a pilot and two passengers. The cabin is not limited by any predetermined seat or cabin weight limitations. People heavier than 250 pounds and taller than 6 feet tall can fit into an Enstrom with ease.

Enstrom helicopters have been in production for over 50 years. You as the student benefit from this stable track record of safety and refinement. Don’t just take our word for it; be sure to do your own research. We believe that the more you learn about Enstrom helicopters, the more you’ll agree that Enstrom is the training helicopter for you.

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