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Enstrom F-28A
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Enstrom F-28A

Enstrom F-28A

We use the Enstrom F-28A as our primary flight training helicopter and encourage students begin their training in this aircraft for two reasons. First, the F-28A has a lower operating cost due to its naturally aspirated engine (as opposed to the turbocharged models). Second, this aircraft features a manually operated throttle which is an excellent tool when learning helicopter power management. Flying an aircraft with a correlated, or governed throttle is an extremely simple transition once a student is proficient with a manual throttle.

The F-28A is an excellent flight training helicopter due to its forgiving flight characteristics and extreme margin of safety.

The Enstrom F-28A features include:

  •     A 3-bladed fully articulated main rotor system to eliminate the possibility of mast bumping.
  •     A high inertia main rotor system for increased safety and excellent autorotative capabilities.
  •     A 205 horsepower Lycoming engine.
  •     A large tail rotor for ample tail rotor authority.
  •     Capable of seating 3 adults (2 with dual controls installed).
  •     GPS equipped.

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